lindsay powers nutrition

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy – The Natural Approach to Health and Well-Being


Nutritional Therapy can help you to take control of your health and well-being and get you back on the right track to feeling yourself again.


Your initial consultation fee of £65 includes:

Your one-to-one consultation

A comprehensive report with your personalised goals and recommendations

Email and telephone support to help you on your health journey

Why choose Nutritional Therapy?

Many areas of our health respond well to Nutritional Therapy, including:

  • digestive system wellness
  • energy issues
  • bone and joint health
  • immune system support
  • allergies, including seasonal allergies
  • mental health issues
  • skin conditions
  • hormonal issues
  • weight management

and many more…

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

People from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds can benefit from Nutritional Therapy and here at Lindsay Powers Nutrition we take everyone’s individual circumstances into account when giving advice. You will not be recommended a whole range of strange and unfamiliar sounding foods to eat! Instead your individual circumstances and preferences will be considered, as well as your budget and abilities in the kitchen! We work closely together to devise a Nutritional and Lifestyle plan that is both workable and achievable to you.

Many people may not have considered Nutritional Therapy before or have not made the connection between their diet and their symptoms, yet Nutritional Therapy can be beneficial for whole range of health concerns. We are happy to discuss individuals circumstances with you upon making an enquiry to see how we are able to help.

Nutritional Therapy may benefit those who simply want to check that they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others may want to loose weight, balance their energy levels or get help with their symptoms. Some may be feeling below par and can not put their finger on why this is.

What to expect from the consultation?

The initial consultation can last up to 90mins, during which time I will take a full dietary, lifestyle and medical case-history. The consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your current presenting symptoms and any health or lifestyle concerns that you would like help with. Prior to the initial consultation you will be advised to complete and to bring along a 3-day food diary. All advice will be tailored to your individual requirements and I will recommend appropriate dietary and lifestyle adjustments. I may also recommend the use of supplements to support the diet.

A follow-up consultation lasting between 30-60mins is recommended at an agreed timescale. Depending on the situation more that one follow-up may be recommended.

Follow up consultations are charged at £50 per session.


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