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It’s Healthy Eating Week 2-7 June 2014

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Just under 2 million pupils will take part in Healthy Eating Week, as the British Nutrition Foundation revealed thousands of school children did not know enough about the food they were eating.

On the ITV News it was reported that:

Some 25% of children aged between 5-8-years-old were found to believe bread came from animals, research from a health charity found.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation:
Another 14% of 8-11 year olds surveyed think bread comes from animals.
Over a quarter (26%) of 5-8 year olds and 22 percent of 8-11 year olds think that cheese comes from plants.
Nearly a fifth of primary school children said that potatoes come from animals.
Another quarter of primary school children, plus more than one in ten (13%) of 8-11 year olds, indicated that pasta comes from animals.

One in every ten primary school children surveyed thinks that bacon comes from sheep, while 17% think that fish fingers come from chicken.

The British Nutrition Foundation have devised Healthy Eating Week for all nurseries and schools in the UK to participate in. The aim of the week is to further promote healthy diets (food and drink) and being more active, as well as improve the understanding of where food comes from and cooking (food and meal planning).

The themes of the week include:

•Food origins – where does food come from?
•Healthy active lifestyles – The eatwell plate, 5 A DAY, 8 tips for healthy eating.
•Food and drink choice.
•Meal occasions – breakfast, lunch and dinner!
•Food preparation and cooking – let’s all get cooking!

Whilst it’s a positive thing to get children involved in cooking and having a better understanding of ‘healthy eating’ it’s a shame that this is confined to one week of the year. ‘Healthy eating’ should be a way of life for our young people, and adults alike. We have become so far removed from what real food actually is with our over reliance on heavily processed foods, it’s no wonder that children do not know where a fish finger comes from! Hopefully this week will be a catalyst for change and spur children and families on to take a greater interest in their diets and inform them into making better choices in the future.