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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy – The Natural Approach to Health and Well-Being

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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Dr. Brewster Scott, ND

Naturopathic Medicine provides the patient with a holistic approach to primary care.  It utilizes several modalities including: nutrition and lifestyle counselling, traditional oriental medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, spinal manipulation. It follows six naturopathic tenets:

1. First do no harm:  For each patient, naturopathic physicians choose the most gentle, least invasive treatments to reach the desired clinical outcome.
2. The healing power of nature:  Naturopathic physicians understand, recognize and work with the innate healing power of the body.  Naturopathic doctors never suppress the body’s natural wisdom, but augment and re-direct its flow.
3. Find and treat the cause of illness:  Naturopathic physicians recognize that treatment which does not find the cause of disease, simply masks the issue, and seldom can resolve it.  Thus, naturopathic doctors place finding and treating the root of an illness as a primary concern.
4. Doctor as teacher:  Naturopathic physicians recognize their responsibility to educate. One of…

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