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Sprouted Seeds are a Powerhouse of Nutrition

Have you ever tried sprouting your own seeds? This article shows us the benefits of sprouting our own seeds, which provide a food that nutritionally pack a punch. Sprouted seeds can be over a thousand times more nutrient dense than their unsprouted forms. It also looks at how juicing can be an excellent way to get more vegetables into your daily diet as even for the best of us, getting around 5-8 portions a day into our diet can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Whilst wheatgrass has been touted in recent years as a ‘superfood’ this article explains that it should be considered more as a medicinal herb and used judiciously. It is believed to have powerful detoxifying abilities and many purported health benefits, yet excessive use could lead you to become nauseous or induce a ‘healing crisis’.

Therefore, sprouting seeds and juicing (especially green juice) can be preferred options for upping our vitamin and mineral intake on a daily basis.


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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help manage your response to stress in everyday life

The effects of stress on your body can be linked to the onset of chronic disease. It can lower immunity, increase inflammation, heighten blood pressure and affect energy levels, amongst other things. Techniques such as EFT can be an effective way to help manage your response to stress.

We cannot separate our emotions from our health and well-being and the highs and lows in life can all trigger a stress response. EFT can help reprogram your body’s response to the stressors of everyday life and help defend your body from the physiological effects of the stress response. For complex issues it is advisable to seek the help of a trained therapist.